Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some Good

There are good days and bad. Today was a better day. There are slow steps to normal. Not there yet, but slow steps.

Also sad news today.

A mixed day.

Then - ouch! I hurt myself. Promise not to laugh? I did it hanging upside down from a jungle gym and trying to do a sit up from that position. Yeah... figured you wouldn't be able to keep a straight face... go ahead... laugh! I know I am getting old... but... still haven't learned to act old.

Then kids.. one very serious little guy tried to explain to me that he was NOT throwing wood chips. Hmm... well... he said you were. "No, I was not." Hmm... well why did he say so? "I threw one at him. You asked if I was throwing wood chipS. I wasn't. Only one wood chip!"

With a straight face, I confronted him on it, and laughed later. He is a kid after my own heart - and at least he is getting his grammar.

I'm sore, though. Didn't really need to go hurt my shoulder... nope... didn't need to do that.

One day, I'll grow up. Just not yet.


Karis said...

Okay, I admit it -- I did laugh, but mainly because I would do the same thing you did. I remember some fun things we did on our jungle gym at school especially in 4th and 5th grade, and I think I would have to see if I still had it in me to do those things if I had the chance. :-)

Becky Aguirre said...

That's funny about the wood chip! My goodness, he's picking up on details isn't he! :) Glad you were having fun with the kids, but yeah, might want to skip the hanging-upside-down stuff! ha!

Woohoo! My word verification word is "torta"...yummy!