Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Things

I thought I would post today about the things that make me happy. True, my life right now is not easy. I'm going into week three of an angry, silent husband. But...

The sun is shining and things are growing. It is warm enough to go outside and enjoy sunlight on my bare skin. (well, parts of my bare skin!) I've started going for long walks and short runs again, and I love being active. My allergies are not bothering me!!! Yeah!!! For those who don't know me, allergies used to steal two and a half months of my life every spring.

At work last night, we put in the movie "Sister Act" for the patients, so I got to listen to it while I put people in bed. It made me smile and move quicker. Our nun with Alzheimer's enjoyed the movie - eyes open, smiling, and watching the nuns sing and dance. Yeah, well, she had not the slightest idea what it was about, but the nuns and music got through to her. I love music. Can't sing, can't play, but I love music, and I've healed enough to enjoy it now. Sometimes, when hurt is fresh, I hurt to much to be able to listen to music. Today, I will put my mp3 player on loud and clean house!

Patients who say funny things make me laugh. One man is a Scottish gentleman who is at times lucid and very polite, but other times he hallucinates. Last night he called me in and told me, "My son tells me that he thinks those people on the end of my bed are dead. Can you look under the blankets and see if there is anything resembling a corpse?"

I looked and assured him that there was only his foot. (He only has one.) He looked carefully down at it and asked, "And is it alive?" Yes. It was. It moved. Then while washing him up for bed, instead of flinching and yelling about being washed where he has a diaper rash, he matter of fact informed me that "that piece of equipment is known to be rather sensitive, you realize." His speech, words, accent, and manners always make me smile. A dry wit combined with usually impeccable manners - while dealing with the indignities of being in a nursing home and having hallucinations.

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Becky Aguirre said...

Great news about your allergies! And that last quote from your Scottish patient is hilarious! Don't think that I could have kept a straight face there...