Sunday, May 3, 2009

Only During Service - How to Split a Penny

The kids are supposed to bring their money for offering. Where they get money from always puzzles me since they really do not get an official allowance, but always seem to have coins. I suspect they raid Daddy's bedside table!

If they forget, I scrounge the bottom of my purse for any change. Today, I had three pennies for #3 and my daughter to share. There was a hurried discussion about how to do it fairly. Fair being a huge thing at this age.

Finally, they got it. Each would get one penny to put in, and the third penny, they would put in together. There is barely room on a penny for two sets of fingers to hold, but they managed. Very, very carefully, when the offering plate was passed, two kids put in one penny!

It was fair.


Karis said...

No way! That is so funny. It doesn't surprise me at all, though, because I remember trying to "keep things fair" as a child.

Sharon said...

Smart thinkin'!