Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Word

Today, I have my computer back, and turning it on, I saw something.

Do you ever have something you see, and it makes you smile? Sometimes just one word. Today, I smiled. One word. It brought a smile to my face this morning.

That, and being prayed for today. Another person asked if I wanted to pray with them. I said no. I was too emotionally worn out to sit and put my thoughts into words and pray with someone. But another person prayed for me, not asking my permission, not expecting that I pray, too.

There are times I have been prayed for, and it is as if someone laid their hand on my head and blessed me. Without wanting to sound odd, I still say that. Inside me there begins a change, a slow warming or a quiet stilling when I am prayed for, but even more so when I hear the prayers. True, I know people pray for people, and God does listen. He does answer those. But there is something about spoken and heard prayer. It is like a blessing. From other people's faith, I draw strength. Someone used to tell me when I could not trust or believe when I was going through a rough time, "Let me believe for you." And I did. I hung on because someone else believed until I was big enough to believe myself.

Today, I could face God because someone else could talk to Him when my heart was hurting too much to look up just then.

The interesting thing thing about being prayed for is that people usually do it when they are leaving. Then they leave, and you are left there - face to face with God. A stillness.

So today, I wouldn't say God and I are talking. I'm too exhausted to talk. But, I'm sitting still.

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Cindy said...

Dear Ellie,

You are being prayed for. You may not hear audible words, but they are being said over you.
So glad that you can find 'rest in Him'. Let His arms wrapped around you be your comfort and strength.

Praying my friend...