Saturday, May 2, 2009

Glasses Times Two

Well, the inevitable has arrived. My kids need glasses.

#2 and #3 need them. They were convinced that the end of the world had arrived when they heard the news. Sure that everyone would tease them. This, despite the fact that #2's best friend wears glasses.

The next day in school, two girls from his class came to ask me, "#1 said #2 needs glasses, is that true?" I told them it was, but that he was really depressed about it. He was worried kids would tease him. One of the girls wears them herself, so she understood. Actually, that little exchange comforted me. #2 is often convinced that no one in his class likes him. Two mean boys are responsible for that. I saw these girl's concern and empathy for my son's feelings, and I was relieved. They do like him. In fact... there are two girls who have been hanging around him and his best friend recently... they wanted to come to his birthday party... hmm...

Well, junglewife recently had on her blog a website about cheap glasses. I thought I'd check it out. Wow! Good kid's glasses anywhere from $8 for basic to $25 for titanium bendable frames. Lots of choices. So, I'm ordering off of them, and will let you all know what they are like! See One of the boys wants the glasses in this picture, but in blue or black, or course! They are $19. But we haven't made out final decisions yet.

Thanks junglewife!

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Karis said...

The glasses thing is "worldwide" which kinda' surprised me. My African "daughter" here (18 years old) told me the other day that she has a hard time seeing after years of studying by a lantern. She said she's going to save up money for glasses because she thinks that's what she needs and she's getting to the point where she really needs them despite her feelings about wearing them. She told me that people think people who wear glasses are ___. She used a word I didn't know and when I looked it up, it was more or less our word for nerd. I told her that glasses aren't huge and thick these days so she could be stylish even with them and she looked hopeful at my saying that. I say all this because it surprised me to encounter this line of thought about glasses in Africa. Glasses are not nearly as common as in the States (I would think it would be very hard for people to afford them when buying food is priority), but there is a place where she can go get her eyes checked.

Anyway, I've rambled on, but I'm glad to hear that those two girls will be a help to this transition.