Thursday, July 25, 2013

Checking In

Hi everyone.  Short note as we are somewhere else and busy!!!  Living in a group culture environment at the moment, and it is tiring.  I enjoy the people, but at times long for a moment alone...

Just wanted to say that things are not worse, and are possibly better.  I think getting out of the stressful environment for some time was good.  We do get moments when we travel alone that we are bonding as a family again and spending some fun time together.

Keep praying.  I don't know what the return will be like and what life will be like when we pick up work again, but I am trying to leave that in God's hands for now and just rest.

Summer is hot.... wow!  I love heat, but this is too much for even me!

I'll try to be in touch when I get back.  Hope you're surviving summer (for those of you in hot places) or enjoying summer (for those of you in hot places).