Monday, May 25, 2009

Only During Service - More Beauty Questions

Ok, seriously, I'd be quite happy if my daughter would go back to studying theology during service instead of looking at me.

This week, during singing, she studiously stared at my head. I wondered about it, but kept singing. Then she leaned over with her question:

"Mommy, why do you have two different colors of hair?"

Why can't she just think I'm naturally beautiful without pointing out that I highlight my hair and wear hose occasionally. What is next week? Questions about my make-up?

She hasn't forgotten her close watch on theology, though. The visiting pastor preached about the man who had been forgiven the huge debt and wouldn't forgive the small debt. He dared to be a bit free with the text and said the "king" forgave him his debt. It only took my daughter about three seconds to be pulling on my sleeve, "Mommy, he wasn't a king. The Bible says he was a master."

Don't try to pull a fast one on that kid!

Then #3 carefully brought his plate to me during the potluck and launched into a long explanation on how he had chosen foods from all the food groups. Hey, they are learning something in school! This one wants to be a pilot, but as I watch him grow, I am beginning to think he might be a pastor or teacher. It is more in line with his gifts and heart. And - the kid is always getting into unusual accidents; I don't know that I want him up in the air with 500 people behind him!

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