Wednesday, October 29, 2008


(Ok, I confess - I do not like words I am not sure about the spelling of. Slightly OC when it comes to spelling.... how do you spell yay! ? Any ideas?)

But - Hey, good news!

My husband phoned today! Wow! First somewhat civil speech he has had with me in over a month. Well, he came over last night for supper and to visit the kids, but he simply sat on the couch, watched tv, and barely spoke. The kids were disappointed.

But he phoned today!

Our mission has a in-depth program where they pull people off the field and put them into - not only when they are having problems, but simply as a step to going into leadership or simply just because - as a preventative step. They meet with mature Christians trained to work through issues in their lives. My husband has been offered this many times over the years, but he has turned it down. He was simply too busy, or he had no problems, it was just his wife who had problems. Always some reason.

He phoned to say that he has been suggested to go to this again, and he is going to go. Leaving next week. Yay! The first positive step! He was worried about missing a family event that he had said he would be here for this year. No problem! I rescheduled it, one week ahead. No one will mind.

Today, I have a smile on. Good news. Ah! Good news is wonderful. Of course, no program can fix people's hearts. They have to be willing to change, but at least he is putting himself in a place where he can be ministered to. And I believe in God. I believe He can move mountains, speak a world into existence, direct history, and even speak to one stubborn kid of His. I know, because He has changed me, and I still could take a blue ribbon in stubbornness! I've only changed enough to be stubborn about choosing to follow God. Still stubborn. Still hard to change my mind. But my mind is now set to a different leader.

So, celebrate with me! Who know with what.... chips and salsa, a cup of hot chocolate, a run through the park in the wind, whatever you do to celebrate, do a little of it today, and smile up at God. He is working.

And keep praying. He will need it over the next several weeks! Change is tough.


Alan & Beth McManus said...

Woohoo! We are rejoicing with you! We'll keep praying.

Becky Aguirre said...

Thank you, Lord for this 'yes' answer to prayer! I am honestly thrilled about it! :) This is very exciting...and I will continue to pray as well.

Yay is a hard one...I've seen it spelled 'yeah' too, but then it's hard to know how to pronouce unless it's in context. "Yay" looks fine to me. And I'm kind of like you, pretty picky about the spelling...

Cindy said...

May God continue to 'delight' you today...!!
Rejoicing in His faithfulness to you and your family

Anonymous said...

Yay!! (yes, that's how I spell it, too) That is wonderful news!! Been keeping you and the family in my prayers. Blessings from afar! Hang in there.