Thursday, March 21, 2013

When your own side shoots arrows...

when your own deceive and lay traps....

when there is no place safe...

what do you do?

There is no safety.

There is no compassion.

There is no hope...

and I'm bleeding past critical

bleeding my lifeblood out onto the floor

and people are walking through it with no respect to the death it represents

that this is someone's life bled out onto the floor

dripping, pouring, seeping into a puddle

staining the shoes of those who walk by through it.

O God of the beaten Jew, where are You today?

Sometimes You care and bind wounds

and other times You let people get stabbed in stairwells and die alone.

How do I have any assurance You'll step in here?

Orphaned, alone, wounded with only male hired hands here to help.

Bleeding with no one to bind wounds.

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