Monday, March 25, 2013

Up Above the World So High

I went for a walk - the evening darkness was a good place

for invisible tears.

I felt hopeless.

But I remembered a verse I had read that morning.

Today, I do not remember which

but it was something about God's care enduring as long

as the moon was in the heavens.

That evening, in tears, I had cried with God.

And He said He was there.

And I told Him, that however dark the road ahead was

that when I saw the moon, I would never forget

that His love was still there.

I think I knew to say the moon...

since it is more often in the evenings that anger visits.

I promised God that night.

That the moon would be a reminder

between Him and me

that He would never leave me

no matter how rough it got.

And there, out of the grey darkness, the moon shone straight at me

Up high above the earth

above the clouds.

And I remembered the covenant spoken years ago.

I will remember when I see

That You are still here

in the dark.

And I smiled through the invisible tears.

I am not alone.

I may feel hopeless.

I may hurt more than I can express right now.

But I am not alone.

And God will not leave me.

I am loved.

I don't know why He doesn't bang some heads together.

I wish He would.

I wish He would step in and save the day.

He hasn't.

And it's been a long, long road since that first promise to God years ago.

But He's still here.

And will be here tomorrow.

I don't know if it gives me hope

but it gives me something to stand on.

I survived yesterday.

Maybe I can survive today

with God.

Perhaps even tomorrow.

This is not my forever.

My forever is to be loved by God.



This is just my now.

My now is painful.

But the moon is still in the sky

And I will remember that God still is seeing me.


Joyful said...

``This is not my forever.

My forever is to be loved by God.



So powerful. And. So. True.

Our time here is just a blimp in eternity. Though pain is here, it will one day be removed for all time. May you continue to remember your covenant to God and his promises to you. Hugs. xx

Anonymous said...

I came over from google reader to leave the same comment as Joy.... "This is not my forever!"

So perfectly beautiful and true!