Wednesday, March 27, 2013

If Someone Believed In Us....

I wonder what the possibilities would be

if we all had someone to believe in us.

To say, "Try, I'm sure you can!"

and, "Almost!  Try again, you'll get it for sure!"

"Look how close you came, try again!"

and "Wow!  Look how well you did it.  I knew you could!"

What the possibilities would be

if we all had someone to believe in us

even when we don't believe in ourselves.

I picked up a new student today

he's struggling.

He's actually one of "our team",

so he calls me "auntie".

I love this boy.

It's been hard to watch him struggle

as I could so easily step in.

But I waited.

To be asked.

So that the initiative came not from me, but from the parents.

I needed that to be successful.

Because, to be honest, sometimes some problems have different causes.

Some are the student, some are the school, 

and some are the parents.

Some a mix of all three.

Not that parents don't care or are wrong.

It is just that not all parents are capable

especially working in a different system than what they were raised in.

It adds frustration.

Frustration with a learner rarely helps a learner learn.

Which adds more frustration.

Sometimes a change is needed.

So I waited.  To be asked.

Now I pick up my kids and one more.

We come home, we eat a snack.

And in a calm, relaxed environment

with a friend from his class

we start on homework

my daughter and my nephew.

Encouraging each other.

Each have their strengths

Each their weaknesses.

We work together.

I smiled today to watch

what he could do with encouragement.

It confirmed my suspicions

that this was not only the child

who struggled with learning

but also the parents

who struggled with helping

in such a foreign environment.

Sometimes both parent and child 

need a rest from each other.

To go back to enjoying each other

and not working through difficult things

every day

until it colors the relationship.

I told the teacher that I will work on two things

One - the will to do his work

Two - the belief that he can

I believe that when he believes he can

The will to do will also be there.

So my first job, believing in him.


Not the fake belief of false praise.

Too gushy.

But the real belief.

See here, what you did?

That is great!  With a little more work, that will be really wonderful

And you can do that.

It takes some work and practice, but I know you can.

Today, I smiled to see him work.

To even redo a section

all over again

with a good attitude.

Such a good result.

He came in today with my daughter tattling on him

"The teachers were so impressed with his work!"

He glowed.

That glowing is quiet right now

Still deep inside of him.

I want it to shine from his face

The pride of a job well done and praise well earned.

A head held high

and confidence in the road ahead.

I believe it is possible.

Someone told me once

when I couldn't believe

that they will believe for me.

It confused me.

If they believe, then I have to work to prove them right.

I worked, until I, too, believed.

Today, I believe for this child

until he believes for himself.

What we all could be

if only someone believed in us!

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