Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's Nice to Be Loved

Ever had a day when God just kept walking with you and talking to you?

My day was like that.  I don't think I "caught" everything enough to write it all down as my day was a busy one, but my heart is lighter.

You know, I get this sneaking suspicion that people are praying for me....

I sometimes know people are praying.  I feel it.  As if I have people walking alongside of me.  Ok, this may lose half my readers - who aren't that many anyway.... -  because they will think I am nuts, but...  You know when you are in a room and someone quietly enters behind you and you don't hear them at all, but you sense the presence of another person?  You just know.  You feel not alone any more.  I think prayer is much like that.  In the spiritual realm I sense that others are with me. That I am not alone.  People are praying, and I know that.

And that simple fact is extremely comforting.

But today.  I ran to my big boy's school.  Ok, forgive me, but I am just so proud of them.... my sons are talented.  My oldest got his art work displayed in a local museum.  My youngest son won a district-wide poetry competition, and his poem is going to the next level.  (I didn't write it for him - promise!  The only edit I did was telling him that one word didn't sound quite the flavor he was looking for and for him to think of another.)

Today, I had to deliver my son's art to his school.  They will take it to the museum. While I was there, I wrapped up some business in preparation for me being gone.  Who will pick up the boys after sports practice. (They are good at sports, too.  Oh, and good at school work.  They're good kids.)  I sat and had coffee in the staff lounge.  A benefit of working there - I am not an outsider, but just normal to have around.  I chatted with one teacher about diabetes.  Another teacher walked in and sat down.

Now this second teacher used to teach my son years ago in elementary school.  Now he is at the high school.  He's been around my family for eight years.  He knows me.  He knows my husband.  And he knows my kids.  When the other teacher left, I said to this man, "I'm hoping with the sugar levels under control, he can manage his moods better."  He said, "yeah, you think?!"  I shook my head and said, "Not like I haven't been saying that for about five years!"  He snorted and said, "or even longer!" I just smiled and we went on to discuss car-pooling our boys and when his daughter was coming over to play with mine.

We talked less than three minutes, but I walked away smiling.  It is nice to know you are loved.  I rarely talk to either him or his wife anymore, but I know they love me.  And somehow, when you have lived with the pain of some of God's people ignoring or denying your pain for so long, it is comforting to see that others of God's people haven't.  They've lived alongside of me, been aware, believed me, loved me and my kids, and are aware of the situation now and are supportive of me.  Praying for me.  And it left me with a smile.

The whole day left me with a smile.  Good chats with other teachers, friendly face at the pharmacy where I get my son's meds, nice time with a friend who cut my daughter's hair, short visit with her teacher, some laughs with kids in my son's class, and dinner with friends in the evening and a few minutes to talk heart to heart with them.  Just a good day - knowing I am loved and that I can love others.

I need days like this.  There are scars on my heart from some pretty cruel things that have been said to me, and days like this when I see again that I am both loved and can love are healing.


Joyful said...

Praising God for the days of being loved and healing. We all need days like that.

I do know too what you mean by feeling the prayers of others. I've felt it myself when others pray for me ;-) I believe that when others are praying for you, the angels are gathering around and doing warfare on your behalf. You likely also feel the Holy Spirit moving in and around you. May the prayers of the saints continue to lift you. Hugs. xx

Shan in Japan said...

What a blessing to have that feeling of others praying for you. I know that people are praying for me, but, I, too, don't always feel it. It truly is a heart-warming, encouraging feeling. God is good and reminds us of that in such a variety of ways. So glad you felt the love today!