Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiny Smiles

God has a sense of humor.  He just does.  In the middle of this week filled with so much stress, there have been tiny laughs.

Number three son has got a sudden curiosity about tampons... yes, tampons.  It puzzled us at first.. but, we were walking through the store to get my daughter's new medicine, and walked past the "supplies" aisle.  My husband joked, "oh, do you need some tampons?"  (No, a hysterectomy took care of that years ago, thank God!)  Well, Number one and two laughed, and we kept walking... only to notice we were one short at the end of the aisle.

Number Three was studying the tampon boxes.  Then in his typically loud voice, he asked, "What are tampons?"  We declined answering and told him to catch up.  He repeated the question, and people around began to smile.  I told him that I wasn't going to answer now, and he needs to catch up with us.  Finally, he caught up and apparently had studied them enough to have an idea.  "Mommy, are tampons something women use so they won't have babies?"

That was it - several women in the perfume section began to giggle.  He then became very upset as if we were keeping the world's best secret from him because Number One and Two were laughing, so obviously THEY knew the secret and WHY wouldn't we tell him RIGHT THEN?

Finally, we got him to quit and went on shopping.

Today, he went with me to get my shots.  The doctor's office often has good jokes posted on the wall.  He was reading those, and then turned to me again with the same question. "Mommy, what are tampons?"  If only he would ask at home, and not in front of people!!  I muttered and tried to ignore him.  Then he went on, "because, mommy, one time, I read a joke here and it said that two boys went to the store and tried to buy tampons, and the clerk asked them why they were buying them and if they were for them.  The boys said, "no, of course they are not for us!  they are for our little brother.  Because we saw this ad that said with tampons, you can ride a bike and swim, and our little brother can't do either yet!"  So, mommy, what are tampons?"

Number Three is his own joke posted on the wall!  The doctor's office  was full of people having snorting fits for some time.  I told him that it was just an ad, and ads don't always tell the truth, and tampons have nothing to do with knowing how to ride a bike.

"Then why did the joke say so?"

Jokes are just sometimes silly, that is all.  And tampons are something women use, and we do not usually talk about them in public.

Hopefully, that is the end of the tampon curiosity!

Then God had another tiny smile for me.  My bras were wearing out.  I can't get my favorite ones here and am not scheduled to make a trip to where I can get them any time soon.  And, while I love my bras, five years of the same thing has me bored.  I mentioned to God while I was dressing that I might want to look for something different, but I hate bra shopping.

Well, I went to work today, and stepped into the kitchen to get the snacks, and the cook looked at me, tipped her head sideways a little and asked, "What size bra do you wear?"  I was a little surprised - not your typical greeting, but ok... I told her.  She reached over, and handed me two nice bras, with underwire which I like, and said, "I bought these, but they just didn't fit quite right - maybe they'll fit you.  They are brand-new."

Of course they did.  God knows my size, yup, even my bra size!

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junglewife said...

Ha ha! that is too funny!

I HATE bra shopping. There is nothing worse. You would think that if it is the size that you wear, it would fit. But no sirree bob! I always have to try on every single bra in my size in the store in order to maybe find one style that fits! Yuck.

Anyway... when I came back to the States to have Claire, shortly after I arrived I went bra shopping with Natalie at a department store. She was in a stroller and I wheeled her around the corner into the lingerie department. Her eyes got huge, she pointed to all the bras, and in a LOUD voice said "Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!" Oh my word I was so embarassed!!! Too funny, though!