Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back Home

Here we are. In the very familiar. Without the very familiar. Up until the moment I pull into my driveway, I am not ready to be home. Then I walk into my house, and sigh. I'm home. For a few days, I will have a quiet sense of being in two places at once - the shadows of one home flitting over my daily life here. A little like a movie changing between two views on slow fade. Then it will fade away and I will be here.

We pulled in at night, and the first thing I did was run to my garden. Did it survive? Are there things growing? Yes. Sorely neglected, badly in need of weeding and pruning, but there is life there! And our house was spotless with food ready for us - thanks to our new coworkers.

Today, the kids went to school. Happy to see their friends. I am thoroughly enjoying one day without four chattering voices. Quiet. Ahhh...

And missing things - mountains, fresh air, beautiful views, time to walk, friends, talking time.

But I am home. Now I will begin to post again, I think. So to start off with, a question:

If you could change one thing about yourself (no, no super-spiritual answers of character traits or anything), what would you chose?

For me, if I could chose one thing, I would chose to be able to sing. Not just sing like manage to get along in church without being way off, but to be able to sing well enough to sing alone. Just to sing. I love music. Love singing. That would be what I would chose - far above being skinny, or having beautiful waist length dark hair, or being athletic, or a few inches taller... let me be able to sing!


Cindy said...

I would like to play the violin. Its my favorite instrument to listen to... it would be so cool to make the sound myself.

as to home....I know!

Ellie said...

Violin would be nice. I think, for me, I'd choose the guitar. I'd like to be able to play that since it is the most "normal" of the instruments - in other words, it is the one we grew up singing to in church since no one carried around pianos.

But I do love the sound of a violin.

Shan in Japan said...

I think, today, I'd choose to be an artist, to be able to paint and draw, with a natural eye to put the beauty of nature onto a canvas.

Ellie said...

Yeah, that would be nice, too. To be able to capture what I see when I see beauty. I love seeing beauty in odd places. I'd love to be able to have an invisible camera and just capture up close without being see the expressions and faces of people around me.

stephanie garcia said...

I appreciated your first paragraph so much. How aptly you described some of those "missionary feelings!" I would like to quote you sometime, if that is okay.