Thursday, September 17, 2009

Your Mission Today - Shopping Therapy!

My mission today was to keep one team member who, easily is stressed, occupied so she does not sit around and get nervous. What to do......?

Shopping! What woman doesn't love shopping?

We went out to lunch and then hit a local second hand shop. I made up some excuse to go in. She's never been to this place, so it was a good choice, and we shopped. We killed an hour, and I think she had fun, so mission accomplished! At least she didn't stay home and worry about her upcoming big job. Her headache disappeared while she shopped and she ate well when we went out and were talking and eating. That should help. Someone else is enlisted to cover tomorrow, and then we should be ok.

But, if I have to shop, I may as well make use of it. I am going on a trip in the early part of next year, and I needed some new clothes. Big, black (or at least navy blue or dark brown), and ugly. No, not ugly, that won't do, but shapeless while still looking neat. (Only Americans think casual is fine. Other countries are horrified by how sloppy we dress.) Long, floor length skirts that show no ankle. Long shirts or sweaters that cover the backside.

HA! Do you know how hard it is to find clothes like that here?!

But we looked. We looked and looked. I wonder what the people at this place thought as we brought item after item of long dreary black. Likely thought we were dressing up as witches for halloween! (as if!) Finally, I found a few. Three long skirts and two long shirts. I think I am well on my way. Now to buy a black or grey scarf with a little pattern in it to break up the monotony, and to sew one really long warm outfit from some wool/polyester blend that I have, and I will be set. When I get the whole outfits put together, I'll post my new look - you won't recognize me! Which is the whole point, I guess...

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Karis said...

Okay, I'm a little jealous that you have secondhand shops where you are. :-) But I'm glad it helped you accomplish your mission for the day.

What you said about "only Americans think casual is okay" is so true for here. Even on the airplane -- that surprised me. That last leg from Europe to Cameroon -- the Africans are dressed normally. The Americans have wind suit pants on, t-shirts, and tennis shoes (generally speaking and me included).

Can't wait to see your new look.