Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not Either!

I got back after this last trip, and it took awhile to adjust. The constant transplanting is still hard. I'm settling in now, and feeling better - still at times homesick, but settling in.

But there were those people who never understand. Who think that simply because I have done this all my life that I am "used to it". What is that supposed to mean? Because I am "used to it", it is not supposed to be difficult? Because I am "used to it", I don't feel pain anymore?

This person's comment irritated me. So, one day while driving (which is when I get to do my uninterrupted thinking), I designed this t-shirt.

Don't read the locations on the back and try to place me. I just pulled them off randomly, not wanting to list my 29 different places I have lived - hard to be anonymous with that posted on there.

But you could input your own locations on the back:

Then we could wear them proudly.

(I know I forgot one word in the bottom one, but I am too lazy to go fix it! And, do I wish I was that skinny! Ha!)


Cindy said...

there is so much truth there!!
it is possible to adjust each time...but just because I've done it many times does not mean I am so accustomed to it that it doesn't bother me!! Sometimes I feel my heart is broken in bits and pieces like the one on that shirt and the pieces may never go back together!

Ellie said...
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junglewife said...

I totally agree!!! I don't get "used to it" but I think those of us who have done it more often at least know what we are getting into, and know what emotions/feelings we will be experiencing, and somewhat know how to "gear up" for it, rather than just going into it blindly. Doesn't make it easier but at least we know what we're in for!

Becky Aguirre said...

Hey! That's a great idea for a shirt! lol Pretty much describes the life, doesn't it? And it's not just us moving around that takes the pieces, it's also the changes our friends and family members go through, too...

Anonymous said...

I find every change very difficult. Some people thought that I probably have Gypsy blood in me, but that's not true at all. If it was my choice I would stay cozy in one place.