Friday, September 11, 2009


I've been through this too many times for it to be culture shock. Besides that, there is not a huge culture change from my one home to another. Despite that, I still struggle with the transitions.

I was coming home the other day and looked at my garden. I have a large plant growing right in front of my roses. When I put it there, I had no idea that it would grow so big. This spring I wanted to transplant it to another section of the garden, but was advised to transplant it in the fall. Apparently, when you transplant a plant, it wilts and takes awhile to recover. So I will do that next week.

As I eyeballed that plant the other day, I realized what is wrong with me. It is not culture shock. It is transplant shock. This summer was a little unusual in that instead of just going to our home state, we went to three different places, all of which I had lived in and been at home in at different times in my life. Then, we also went to a conference where were gathered many friends and missionaries that we had lived and worked with for a long time. Another place, we met up with another friend who is like home to us, also. It was the regular succession of being transplanted over and over again, and now back here that has gotten to me.

I'm just a little wilted. Unable to draw enough water from my roots yet.

Nothing wrong that I won't get over in a week or two, but for now, I am definitely a little droopy. So, I've relaxed some on my expectations. Instead of hitting life with a bang and hoping to have everything up and going and good routines for the year right away, I've backed off and am taking a few days to recover and soak up water and enjoy the sun. Time to grow those little roots again that got torn off with all the transplanting.

Didn't help that I got a migraine my second day home. Doesn't help that we are scheduled to do a three day trip this weekend. But that is life. What I can do is be easier on myself and my requirements of myself this week.


Angela said...

Ellie, I know the feeling, being transplanted. I'm glad you're giving yourself the time to adjust and recover. Praying for you!

Karis said...

Very interesting post for me as a new missionary to read. How wise to care for your needs rather than pushing on. In the long run, it's a very good use of time to take time to recover.

Becky Aguirre said...

Definitely a good way to describe our lives!!!! Hadn't quite thought of it that way...good for you for taking it easy and allowing recovery time. Hope your trip goes/went well!