Thursday, September 24, 2009

Need Prayer!

As if yesterday's problem and threat were not enough, there was another problem.

One of our team member's children came home from school and told his parents that he was bullied/sexually intimidated in the bathroom at school. It is a serious thing, and the child was traumatized. Physically not hurt, but hurting.

Pray for this kid. He is only nine. Pray for his parents as they seek to deal with the situation, and for me as I seek to support them in it.

All this while we are up to something big. Pray for protection for us all. This big something is being opposed, but we are confident in God. Oh, if only I could tell you what it is and how exciting it will be for where we work! But the something big is going on well despite the storm clouds gathered and the random attacks on individuals.

But pray for this child. He needs prayer right now. My heart hurts for him.


Cindy said...

Praying Ellie, for the child, his parents and you...

Karis said...

Oh, Ellie, my heart hurts for him too!