Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Dance

From 117 now down to 28!!! I am getting there!

Answering and filing all my mail - like piles of mail.... like mail I had ignored for a long time.

If I can get it down to where I can deal with each bit as it comes in, that will be wonderful. Now, if only I could get there with the laundry, too....


Karis said...

Great job plugging away! You've almost inspired me to start through my inbox and get caught up on correspondence there.

Ahh.. the never ending laundry! (and dishes too for that matter)

Alece said...

i am SO trying to get on top of this email thing, too!

i think i need to try this:

Anonymous said...

I had more than 360 after my 2 week internet free vacation. :-( I am down to 25. :-)