Friday, September 25, 2009

An Impossible Request

I talked today to the father of the child who had problems in his school. It is not solved and likely will not be solved. We are seriously looking at trying to get them into the smaller Christian school where my kids go. But - funding. Ouch. We got a scholarship (from a non-christian place just by "'chance") that allows us to even think about it. Without that, it is hard to manage - even more so for this family.

But Pray. God has been known to do the impossible before, and we believe we need to move these children to a safer environment.

Pray for funding to come in soon, like next week, and to be specifically designated to cover these children's tuition.

And continue to pray for healing for emotional trauma, especially as the school will not remove, even for a short time, the offending child.

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Becky Aguirre said...

I agree, serious thing! It's outrageous that not much is being done about it and you can be sure it's not the only incident that's happened. :( So sorry and I will be praying.