Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Only 117

That is all. I got rid of all the letters that I do not have to answer and eliminated junk. Now there are only 117 that I need to write a short note to. Only. Ugh!

Then, I need to add in and welcome new people who signed up over the summer. And pull names off two donor lists and write to them. It is taking about an hour a day to get this project done, but it has to be done. I was falling behind last year with all the stress. Didn't communicate like I ought to be doing. Catch up time.

Still, at around an hour a day, I am making progress. Slow, but progress.

Responding to letters and to donors is one of my "new year's resolutions". I make those in September since to me that is much more of a new beginning than halfway through a school year and a work year. Wish me well.

Again the difficulty with not being able to talk - today, we are facing a serious threat. That is really all we can say, but we need prayer - for encouragement, wisdom, and boldness for those threatened. For peace, for resolving the situation.

Is it just coincidence that it is happening while we are definitely up to something big? (see my last post) Likely not. Pray for protection for what we are doing now, too. That we would not be distracted from the important by the serious.


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