Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Day

Today is our last day here in our old home. The problem is that when we arrive, it seems so strange and unfamiliar, but then we spend time here. We feel at home again. And then it is time to pack up and move back home to where we work - where we also feel at home in a way.

This time was so short, hardly enough time to visit with people, not enough time to go to our favorite places. Ahh... yesterday was hot, and we saw people floating the river... so tempting, but no time. Today, we will try if we get time, to sneak up the mountain to our favorite lake for a very quick walk and the inevitable plunge into the tempting blue water. It just looks so refreshing.... until you dive in and realize it did just melt off the snowpack on the top of the mountain and is still COLD!

And I am packing again. Busy. One more church to speak in on the way home, and then some time off while my husband has classes. I'm sitting watching deer, quail, and other wildlife and wishing I could raise my kids here with room to run rather than in the city with a pocket yard.

but it is time to pack up again.


Shilo said...

You explained the "problem" very well. But then...but then...and then.
Thank the Lord he is with us through all the thens.

Karis said...

My just turned 4 year old is starting to understand the "here home" and the "there home" concept. I didn't think she would start processing through what it means as far as good-byes on each end so early. But as she told me on her birthday, "Today, I turned 4. Then, I'm 5. Then, I'm 6. Then, I'm 7. When I'm 7, I'll go back to the United States to see Grammy and Paco, Nana and Papa....."