Friday, August 7, 2009

The Wicked Witch is Dead

They are all dead - every last bed bug. #3's bites turned out to be poison ivy, which we caught early enough to keep under control. I used the same cream for my bites as his rash. So, we are all fine again. Only the bites on the bottom of my foot still bother me.

We are home - well, to our old home. It is strange to be here, so much home, and so much not all at the same time. We have so little time home this year, really only two and a half weeks. We are on phones now, setting up our schedule.

So there will likely be silence on the blog for a few weeks, but things are ok.

Pray for energy for me. I enjoy seeing people and visiting, but I am also someone who needs alone time, and traveling summers are short on that. Other than that, I enjoy the travel and visiting and seeing the great scenery of this huge country.


Becky Aguirre said...

So glad to hear the things are gone! And how I hate bites on the bottoms of my feet!!!! Ew. so annoying because you can't really scratch them properly.

I generally love to travel and see new places and meet people...but yeah, it's hard when you need that time alone and/or hard to take care of you during this time!

Karis said...

I have never experienced bed bugs (and hope I never do), but I sympathize. Sounds horrible.