Saturday, March 7, 2009

What Is Going on Here

I feel like I'm neglecting my blog, not entirely of my own free will, but still neglecting it. Oh, there are things I'd love to write, for sure, but finding time is a problem. If I have time, I'm usually sick of writing. I've been back over my lessons a thousand times and spent hours on the computer and don't want to write anymore. Or, I've used my quantity of emotions for the day and am wrung out.

But I miss writing.

There will likely be no thoughtful posts for another few days, at least, though. We have team meetings right now.

So this week...

besides doing post birth care for one remarkably healthy newborn - oh, he's cute, too!

I am at team meetings, still teaching, still being mom, and fighting a migraine. Yuck! Spring is coming, and I have severe allergies, so that is beginning to drain me slowly.

Then, our team leader is here.... yeah... well.... All those lies he has been told, all those lies he has believed, all those lies he has spread about me over the last years.... they hit me full in the face when I have to see him.

Pray that I stay strong and don't respond to them. Pray that this nagging headache goes away. Pray for energy.

And pray for some down time for me. I am a do-er, but also a reflective person, and my time for reflection and thought is being robbed, and I miss it. I miss time in silence. Having a guest in the house this long is also tiring for me after awhile. I need some quietness, and I miss that.

On the other news side, Kayla has mastered borrowing and subtraction, and we are on to multiplication with a good speed! Hoping to get through the third grade curriculum in a month or two.

And, I am still staring a writing deadline in the face... I need to finish it. Of course, that will only mean another one will be staring me in the face.

But, I will one day be back. I will begin to write again. I miss it.


Shan in Japan said...

Sometimes I think I am busy and have too much to do. Then I think of you and others who are also juggling a family which adds to the busyness and I think, "I am NOT busy!"
Praying for good meetings, some quiet time and for the headache to go away.

Becky Aguirre said...

Yeah, well, life happens and sounds like you have a lot of it right now...I know what you mean, though, writing is an outlet, a way to express emotions and cleanse, in a way...if I don't write, even if it's just in my journal, I tend to lay awake nights thinking too much!