Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weather Report

Today's weather... not quite so stormy as yesterday, but a settled low pressure, dreary cloud base with scattered showers..

He's off the stinging accusations and nasty words, but the skies are not clear yet. He's at the stage where he says to himself, "this is hopeless, so why try?" Hoping he moves through this stage quickly. Thankful that we are working on a building project at home - fixing up after a leak. Physical labor is good for people - and for men especially, I think.

Yet, he's paused at this stage for months before, turning into a settled depression. I'm hoping he won't, but I'm nervous.

Hoping for clearing soon, for the sun to shine again.

But he's lost a lot of his credits, a lot of his trust. It will be some time before I relax around him so easily.

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Becky Aguirre said...

It's never easy when things can't be worked through...that's where forgiveness is so important, forgiving others even when they don't ask for it. That way you are free and clear, not bogged down by all that emotional baggage.

Praying for the H.S. to be working...blessings, Becky