Sunday, March 8, 2009

Getting Closer....

I just finished #9, and have #10 sketched out! Yay! I had a set back, but it was also a huge blessing and help, when one of the ladies on our team gave me a wonderful idea for the setting of these drama lessons. What a blessing! It took the awkwardness and unbelievableness of it out and gave it a natural feel. But, of course, that meant lots of editing to get what was done to fit the new setting.

Now, I am done nine, and hope, hope, hope to whip out #10 tomorrow, and hand off this set.

Then I can switch over to another set of writing which is much simpler and easier for a change of pace. I also have a request in to write/edit a chapter for someone which I need to get done, but felt like I needed to fulfill my first obligation without getting sidetracked.

I have a fairly short attention span, I think. I prefer writing when I can switch back and forth in tasks when I get bored.

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