Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Finished!!!!!

I did it! A month late, but done!

Ok, my computer ate three that I had to rewrite, so that slowed me down. Then I had to rewrite sections of eight of them to put in a new idea someone had. (I'm not complaining. The new idea makes my life much easier!). Then I got delayed for a week while I rewrote our annual report for our team leader... yeah, that one... but I did it cheerfully anyway.

And now I finished the first ten! Yay! I feel like doing a happy dance.

True, there are 52 that need to be written, so 42 left to go, but let's celebrate the first ten. I'm starting to get into the feel of it. Writing drama is like being a split personality. I have to think of different people's reactions at once.

Then I have 34 other dramas I have to write in another series. I think I will switch over and do those now for a break.

But for now, let's celebrate the first ten done!

And pray, because the person I had to hand them in to to be edited is our team leader, the one who thinks I have a psychological disorder. Yeah, that makes for an awkward situation. I just find it very unusual and odd that someone with little to no training in that area would try to diagnose me and pass that diagnosis on to others. And mostly because he believes one of two things, or both, but at different times: one, that I am lying about my past and making it up for attention, or two, that I am permanently damaged because of my past (yeah, the past I made up, remember?) My logic wants to tell him to chose one of the two options and stick with it.

Women are silenced in many cultures because if they tell they've been abused, they will be valueless, despised, considered damaged. I know that. I just am continually surprised to see it here, deep inside the leadership of a mission team. Why are we preaching what Christ can do if we don't believe He can make things new, restore, heal, and make beautiful? This puzzles me. Let's either believe or not, but none of this, well... "poor thing, she will forever be damaged".

I'm not. I am more whole today than I ever was before I was hurt. Because I have been healed, and I know the worth of that. I have met the Healer and seen His work. What I say now to other women is not happy words of hope disguising pity and a vague sense of hopelessness, but real, honest faith. I know who I have believed, and I know what He can do.

But pray. There is still little that irritates as easily as someone smiling to your face and telling other members of your team and leadership that you have a psychological disorder!

One day. One day. One day. One day, heaven. Hang in with me. One day no tongue will ever dare to accuse us again.

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Becky Aguirre said...

Amen to that!

So happy with you that you've reached a milestone in your writing! Yay! :)