Sunday, September 12, 2010

What is That Again?

I worked this evening, and one of my favorites who I thought a month ago was dying has made a comeback.  Another is dying, but that is another story.  My Scottish gentleman is still very much alive....  and still going on...

Today, I was rolling him in bed to change him.  He often pats the aides who help him - not in a bad way, but simply pats whatever part of them is handy or that he is holding onto.  Pat, pat, pat, he will say.  Well, today, he rolled for me and carefully patted me on the lower back.  Then he said, "You are a very nice and kind person and you have a large ____  (I will not write the word he uses to describe rear ends, but you can well imagine!)" 

What do you say to that?  Is it a compliment or.... ?!  And he says it in such a nice conversational tone as if he was only remarking on the color of roses in the garden!!

I shook my head and finished getting him settled and tucked in.  Then he looked at me again and said, "You're a lovely girl, and quite useful, even if you are a half-breed."

I snorted!  Can't imagine this guy when he was trying to date!  I wonder how many times he got slapped? 

A half breed.... ha!  Hadn't heard that description for a long time!

But he's still cute.  I think it is because he sounds a little like a little lost kid and a little like Eyore when he talks.

Besides, I am sort of proud of being a half-breed.  His kids are half breeds (well, half one nationality and half another), too, so I doubt he means to be insulting about it..... anymore than he means to be insulting about the size of my..... well.... you know....


Angela said...

LOL! I'm sure that was a compliment. =)

junglewife said...

Ha! That's hilarious! Yeah, I am sure he wasn't meaning to be insulting - just his honest opinion, in his mind! But, having met you, I don't think you have a large... ba-donk-a-donk :-)