Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nearing the End and Looking Forward

We are getting to the end.  The last few days of the last weeks of being gathered together.  My job is changing as our team grows and changes.  At any given time during these last years, my role could be so many different things.  When we are gathered together, my role is that of a servant.  Whatever needs doing, I do.  Mostly this is because being a "foreigner" (we are all foreign here, but I am not of the group that we work with/for) I am useless at some things.  The other reason is that I am fairly good at doing anything - capable of lots, not highly skilled in much.  This week, I've been doing a lot of cooking, taxi driving, and errand running.  A few loads of laundry and ironing, too.

But we are getting to the end.  Life will be going back to normal again..... not that our normal is very normal on the best of days.  I'm tired.

As I've listened to the meetings this year, I have the feeling that our lives our going to be changing.  Perhaps not in location, but in focus.  Our job may be changing, our focus may be changing, the call the same, but leaving what we are doing now to others and moving on to begin something new.  Still what we were doing, still the same, but new.... walking into new ground.  The idea is exciting.  It better fits what my husband is good at.  I see his eyes light up at the thought.  I also smile because it fits with what a few years ago, I believe God showed me as to where this work was going to go.

We've been through testing and trials, and now I believe God is leading us to expand our tents. 

I'm also very excited at the thought of some of the new people we are getting.  We are going to grow - perhaps even double in size....  we will have to.  I'm excited at the timing of this... that our relationship is good, that the load is going to be taken off my husband so he can take on the new work, that our children are older so the commitment is not so difficult right now..... God's timing is good.

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