Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Facts

 - It only takes one hour and fifteen minutes to make six gallons of chili if you have everything laid out in advance.

- Shopping for two weeks for 20-30 people really doesn't take longer than shopping for two weeks for 6 people.  You just quadruple your amounts.

 - Wiggly kids who hate hair cuts can give you the practice needed to know how to shave wiggling older women who hate anything done to them.

 - It takes two people to cut nails when someone does not want them done.

 - Nails should be cut whether someone wants them or not.

 - People are much more likely to throw up twenty minutes after a shower than any time in the four hours before a shower.

 - After showering six patients, showering yourself seems a little odd, as if you were just one more body.

 - It really is not needed to tell yourself, "Lift your arm so I can wash under it" when you are showering yourself.

 - It is not even necessary to think it.

 - You will think it, though, because you are on autopilot.

- No one, despite what they think, will die of a cold from showering.

 - If you are tired, keep moving fast.  That way the exhaustion has a hard time keeping up.


Carrie said...

Is it bad that I'm chuckling? :)

Shan in Japan said...

I am too! Thanks for sharing this and the coffee facts:)