Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chewing Cud

I figured out what I am, but while it is an accurate description, it is not that complimentary.  I am a cow.  Or, if I don't like that, I could be a goat or a sheep.  Perhaps an alpaca?  Maybe an antelope sounds better?

But I am much like an animal that chews its cud.  It is important that I know that about me because it helps me understand how I work.  I tend to take in situations at the time, but then process the emotions and all of them later.  Chewing the cud - um, later on.

Right now that is sort of where I find myself.  Been through something that on the outside, you would say it is over, and I would tend to agree with you.  But I haven't processed it yet.  I will take time to do that - to bring up what happened and carefully process the emotions and feelings.  Only then will I be willing to go on and be done.

It is just who I am... a... well, I like the sound of antelope best... except for the pictures of antelope being caught by lions that we always see on National Geographic.  Perhaps I better just be a sheep after all.

So, right now, I am chewing my cud.  Thinking over and processing the emotions of an event that happened awhile ago.  But there is some peace to sitting and quietly processing.

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