Friday, September 17, 2010

Cooking Around the World

I actually do have some serious things going through my mind recently, and I hope I get to blogging them, soon.  It is just that right now I am serving as cook to a decently large group for two weeks.  Making it even more difficult is that there are no cooking facilities where the people are.  I have to run home, cook, run the food over, run back, clean up, and run back over.  It's keeping me busy!

Tomorrow is a celebration day.  I'm actually laughing at that.  You see, we usually plan our celebration day at the end.  The idea is that we celebrate the task that brought us together.  But we have one man among us who is a workaholic.  He would invariably book his travel out of the area an hour or so before the celebration meal.  It just that it never registered on his radar as important.

This year, we beat him at his own game.  We booked it in the middle of our weeks.  So we are celebrating being half-way through, I guess.

We were going to have half the meals cooked by others, but there was a glitch.  Glitches are part of life, aren't they?  So I picked up the slack.  Going to add that to my official job description "slack picker upper".  I've been cooking for anywhere between 25 to 45 people every day.

Tomorrow for celebration, we are going BBQ.  I did not want the typical hamburgers and chicken legs, so I researched the internet for different ideas.  What we are ending up with are recipes from all over the world.  Greek, Malaysian, Indian, Moroccan, Mexican, Arab, and Thai.  I am not claiming proficiency at any of them, but I'm willing to give them a try.  It's been fun mixing different spices, trying different things, and testing them out.  Tomorrow will be the day we find out if people like it. 


Carrie said...

When you're finished, you wanna come cook for me? That sounds delicious!

Angela said...

Hey, I want to go to your celebration! Sounds delicious!

Ellie said...

It was good. I should post the recipes maybe. Now, I'm tired, but full and happy. I think I am going to make apple pie for supper - just for the ones staying at our house.