Monday, September 6, 2010

The Things They Say! - False (teeth) Worries

Ok, my daughter has this habit of worrying about all sorts of things when she is worried about one thing.  (Could be she gets it from her mother, but I would never admit that.)  Tonight she was all worried about starting school again.  Her helpful older brother informed her that this grade has "tons of homework" and a not so nice teacher.

So she worried.

She worried as she brushed her teeth, and worried what would happen if she lost all her teeth when she got old.  I told her she could get false teeth.

She worried that false teeth would hurt.
I told her that they don't hurt, and they are easy to clean because you take them out at night and leave them soaking in a cup.

So, she worried some more, "But what if a squirrel comes in the night and steals your false teeth?"
I just didn't have a good answer for that one.

I put her to bed next to the helpful brother who started the worrying and heard him trying to invent different ideas of how to get false teeth away from a squirrel.

I turned off the light and told them to hush, if a squirrel ever steals her false teeth, we will attempt to figure out a good rescue plan when the time comes.  For now, go to sleep.

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