Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Random Facts

 - A coffee maker is much more likely to break when you have thirty people lined up for coffee than it is any other time during the year when only five people line up for coffee.

 - When you need to buy a new coffee maker, the stores probably won't carry them that day.

- If you finally manage to track down a coffee maker and bring it back, it will require a different filter than the last one.

 - It will also not say anywhere on the box about what type of filter it required.

 - People without coffee are not always pleasant people.

 - I could be included as an unpleasant without coffee person.

 - It is impossible to completely please thirty people with meal and snack choices.

 - Thin, health conscious people may be concerned about larger people's health and diets, but they should not ask me to force them onto a diet by serving less food.

 - If people are miserable without coffee, they likely would be even more miserable on a forced diet.

 - Slowcookers whose cords got wiggled will not keep the food hot for dinner.

 - Life consists of more than food and drink.  Not everyone firmly believes that, but nevertheless, it is true.