Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Waiting Again

This is the difficulty of this blog and being anonymous. There is only so much I can say. Frustrating at times.

But it is enough to say that I am waiting. My husband is out of contact right now, and I hope to hear from him safely tomorrow mid-morning. He phoned quickly to say he loves me before he went off the radar again.

I miss him. I sit here tonight wide awake now. I was going to drift off just now, but now I am awake. I'll have to make a conscious choice to lay it down once again and lay my head down in peace. It isn't always easy, but it is what God asks of us - to trust Him. Back home too many people assume that we trust God because He makes things work out good. He never says so. He says to trust Him because He is good. There is a difference there.

So trusting Him, I'm going to sleep. But if you are up, pray for my husband to come back "on radar" tomorrow safely. You see, I kind of like him now, and would like to keep him.


Karis said...

Oh, Ellie... praying!

You are so right about the right perspective of God. Too often people come to church thinking it's the "formula" for getting what they want and when they want it and God shielding them from difficulties. But we can't promise them that even as we proclaim that God is good. And then of course I have to apply that same principle to my life. I fell asleep last night thinking about the song, "In Christ Alone" specifically the line "From life's first cry, to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny."

Keep encouraging yourself in the Lord with these truths that you mentioned.

Ellie said...

Dear Ellie,
I'm new to your site and what a find! I stayed up real late last night reading from a-z. Just reading it was a roller coaster ride on the Richter scale but I also laughed out loud many times in between. I love your kids! I was left in awe of the way God has kept coming through faithfully for your family through the best and the worst.

* A little doxology here to HIM WHO ALONE IS WORTHY, the Redeemer God whose thoughts and ways with us are so much loftier than we ever dared to dream. One day when He shows us the incredibly involved pattern of His genius (think DNA, think galaxies) and the scale of His operation (not just for your backyard but the ends of the earth waiting to hear for the first time) we'll burst with joy. HE is SO WORTHY!

So, Ellie, your life and battles have immense significance. Your obedience matters infinitely and forever (said Elisabeth Elliot, my favourite author). Jesus sweated blood as He chose obedience. HE UNDERSTANDS!

"Thou wouldst not have me accept Thy will because I must, but because I may. Thou wouldst have me take it, not with resignation, but with joy; not with the absence of murmur, but with a song of praise." (George Matheson)


Cindy said...

So thankful that he called you Ellie...praying that you hear comforting news today.