Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Things They Say!

Ok. One day I will get in trouble for saying "unmissionary-like" things. But....

My daughter was sleeping in my bed last night, after crying for two hours that her daddy is gone too long. (It has only just begun.)

Finally, the sobs subsided, and she lay in bed, and her mind turned to.... nursing.... why, I don't know. But she asked, "When I was a baby, I used to sleep in your bed and drink my milk from you?"


"So, all girls can make milk?"

"Well, mommies do."

"So, if you grow up, and you have a baby, and that baby comes from your tummy and you didn't adopt it, then if there was a farmer, he could milk you."

Ok - I don't know where she gets these strange ideas from! But she went on, using her hands to show a milking process.....

"....but he would go, (squeeze, squeeze) 'squirt, squirt, oh yuck, oh yuck' because he would have to see a n*ked woman every day, and he wouldn't like that!"

Hmm.... well.... seriously, where does this child get her ideas from! I just told her to stop talking and go to sleep.



junglewife said...

Ha! That's too funny :-) Thanks for sharing!

Remember - there should be NO "un-missionary-like" things to say. We're just normal people like everyone else. Well, if by "normal" I mean a little crazy and messed up :-)

Becky Aguirre said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! :D

Karis said...

So funny!

My four year old was staring at my chest this last week, and I could only imagine what was going to come out of her mouth. She says to me, "Mommy, is the baby going to eat those when it's born? Like Krista did when she was a baby?" I couldn't believe she remembered me nursing Krista! I told her that it was more like drinking milk out of a bottle except for it was a special milk that God gave mommies. She said, "Yeah. I don't have those yet, but I'll need them before I have children." Ummm...yeah... I'm not exactly thinking of myself toward grandma mode but...