Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wait a Minute - That's the Wrong One!

I've been reading quickly through my Bible looking at the story of women. I'm thinking of writing about the women in the Bible, of the lessons we learn from them. Thinking of how to answer a culture that believes that women have little to nothing to do with God.

But as I have been reading through, I'm struck by a few things. I'm beginning to think we were taught wrong in Sunday school. We learned about women, but I think we missed something about God.

I saw it before in the story of Sarah and Hagar. Today, I saw it again in the story of the two sisters, Rachel and Leah. I learned those stories off the flannelgraph. I know them. But as I read them again, with new eyes, trying to see them in the culture I work in, I wonder... I missed something about God. Something I wish I had known because it would have comforted my little girl's damaged heart years ago.

God has this habit of picking the wrong girl in the story.

Not the heroine. Not the "right" one. He steps in most often for the wrong girl. For Hagar. For Leah. And others.

Good to know - because I've known for a long time that I wasn't the heroine in anybody's fairy tale!


Karis said...

I too love it when the Holy Spirit gives me a fresh perspective on a Bible story I know or verses that I even have memorized.

Interesting insight.

stephanie garcia said...

I love this insight. What an encouragement indeed!