Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time to Pray

I've often thought as we went through the awfulness of the last year or two that while it was our own sins at times that got us in that mess, I often thought that also we were under severe attack.

See, we had just helped to complete a Bible, and we were doing other things that were going deep into enemy territory.

Now our marriage is much better. All better? I don't know. We'll see.

But now that our marriage is much better, we are heading back deep into enemy territory. I told you that we were definitely up to something. Actually, about three big somethings.

And now that our marriage is much better, we are still under attack. It is hitting in a different area today, but we are under attack nonetheless. Today, I feel like radioing back to base for more cover.

Prayer cover.

See, this battle is not fought where we are. Not really. It is fought where people pray. And now is a time to pray.

And I am at peace. Aware of what is or could be going on, but at peace. You see, I've seen God take us through other attacks. They have not weakened me, but made me stronger because they have shown me who my God is.


Karis said...

No words except to say I am praying.

Cindy said...

me, too

Ellie said...

thanks. Evenings are harder on me - trying to cope with the kids, a meal, homework needs, and some semblance of neatness in the bedrooms when my mind is a million miles away.