Monday, October 26, 2009

Telephones and Fingernails

Telephones - I grew up part of my life without one. I still am not that fond of talking on them unless I know someone really well. But there was once that I got my own phone. I had my own little apartment, and I got my own phone. That was even before the cordless phones were common (read cheap) so I had this extra long phone cord. It could reach everywhere in my apartment.

Suddenly communication was no longer something that tied me down, but something I could do while doing anything else. Yeah, I had a pretty good dance figured out around the apartment with the phone cord! My best friends and I would phone and talk for hours. While we talked, I cleaned the kitchen, ironed my clothes, swept the living room, folded laundry, cooked dinner.... all with a phone attached.

Now the phone is not my main source of communication. Now it is my computer sitting on my lap spilling the world out at the touch of my fingertips. So much simpler, so much wider ability. The one thing it can't do, though, is move about the house with me as I do housework. No more chatting with best friend as we each scrub out our toilets or wash our windows. No. The computer has made me a messier housewife.

I think it is time to move back to the telephone with the long cord.

Fingernails - I am going somewhere special this weekend. Yay! All by myself! I still can hardly believe it. I'm off to see old friends and meet up with people I used to know. So of course, I am trying to make myself slightly more beautiful - like all of us would. I wouldn't want people to know that at the grand old age of 37, I still bite my fingernails.

No. Not me.

So I stopped. I can do that, I think. For two weeks. I am not the chew on fingernails type - I just bite them cleanly off. So they looked ok, just really short. But I stopped. It's been a week.

They are driving me nuts! Why in the world do people do this? I feel like I have foreign objects attached to my fingers! They are in the way. They catch on things. They make it hard to type. They hurt when I scratch my eye.

It is not the not biting that I miss - it is the having useful fingers that are like I am used to!

But I am determined. At times, my finger slips up there, and I run the edge along my tooth, dreaming about taking it off, but no. I pull it away. Not even going near.

I'm learning about temptation. The easiest way to stay away is perhaps to stay away. Getting as close as possible to it only makes you think about it more. There is no discussion on my nails. My mind is made up. I don't like them, but my mind is made up. I think I discuss sin too much at times, playing too close, thinking about it. Not a simple - no. My mind is made up.

But they do make typing a pain. So I am sure they will come off after the weekend. Maybe I will leave them for my husband to see. Then off they come! I need my fingers back.

So now, off to do housework with these weird things on my fingers.


Kacie said...

file and put some clear nail polish on them, and then they'll catch less! I'm a biter, I wish I wasn't though! I stopped for all of high school and then started again mid-college and somehow can't kick the habit now.

Karis said...

Sigh... I am a nail biter too. I too have quit for long periods of time, but then it "just happened" that I started up again. I have just started thinking about quitting again and for real this time because my four year old started biting her nails! NOOOOOOOO! I don't want her to deal with that all her life. I start to wonder how often I do it as in does she see me doing it.

Enjoy your pretty nails but I completely agree about not being able to work as quickly when I have nails.

Ellie said...

So Kacie, I filed them some and painted them with several clear coats on top of a pearl coat. they look nice, but typing.... ugh.

I either have to learn to type with nails or they come off since I have to be able to write. I am growing to like them now that they feel stronger.. but because I work those few days a month with dementia patients, I am just not sure. A nail could take quite a nick out of someone's skin!

Anonymous said...

I have never bitten my fingernails, but the cuticles. This got less and less and now rarely happens. I think it was an indirect result of the healing I have received about 5 yrs ago.
I had the same problem as you with long fingernails, and could never understand how people could do any work with them. They made typing on the computer impossible for me. Surprisingly, that too changed after God resurrected my femininity two years ago. I can't explain it but I do a lot of things now, e.g. take better care of my body, things that I considered a waste of time or despised in others previously. Now I have no problem typing with slightly longer fingernails. As I say, I can't explain it but I found it fascinating to observe this change in myself without doing anything for it. Of course, it is kind of difficult and awkward to start learning certain things at age 50 that others learn at age 15. ;-)