Saturday, October 17, 2009

Save Me a Seat

It's been two weeks now that my husband has been gone. And two weeks plus a few days still until he comes home. I miss him.

I know we talked about this and knew that it was a long time, but that there are reasons that long trips are better than short, but it is a long time.

It is not like when I was home with little kids and lacked adult conversation. I do see people - picking up and dropping off at school. Coworkers at the nursing home I work occasionally in. Friends at church. But here is such a different place. People do not drop in and visit. Dropping in on others to visit is considered unusual. As a result, visits are planned and formal. Because of that, they are less.

I miss my husband. I miss sitting down at the end of the day and talking about what happened, who did what, what we thought, what we plan for tomorrow. I guess there are places I could do that. I have friends I could phone or write, but I'm saving that spot. I don't want to fill his spot so that when he comes home I have to readjust, having been fine without him. Saving him a seat.

But I am lonely without him.

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