Thursday, October 15, 2009

She's Turning Into A Girl!

Amazingly, my daughter of the "Mom! Can't I just wear jeans?!" is turning into a girl. No, she still will not wear skirts or dresses without a fuss, but there are signs of hope. I saw a knitted pink shawl with flowers on the bottom and showed her expecting the "aww, mom!" remark again, but she liked it. I bought it. And she actually wears it! She likes it. She takes care of it, and decided not to wear it on the playground "so it won't get wrecked". Knock my socks off!

So today - I wished the camera had charged batteries! I would have at least snapped a photo from the back. She was all decked out. Long black waist-length hair tied in a low pony tail with a bright orange print ribbon. (Orange looks great on this kid!) Pink and purple striped shirt with the pink flowered shawl over that. Embroidered jeans. Black and neon purple shoes. Topped off with a deep red cowboy hat! Wow, she was all that!

She's impressed with her cowboy hat. See, we had a visitor recently who wore bright red cowboy boots.... yeah... well... I'm a Texan by birth (don't go trying to place me on that... there are at least six states that I could lay claim to being my "home state".) and I love boots as much as other Texans... but... there are rules about boots. Umm... there just are. Primarily with what you wear them with... for example, not sweats and a dress together.... umm... yeah. And not usually garish red boots... not unless you are dressing as the rodeo queen for a day with a matching deep red shirt. But, they did make me smile. I love boots, but don't wear them here. I wanted to have time to find mine this summer thinking I might just thumb my nose at everyone and wear my boots - but with jeans! At the very least a jean skirt! I didn't have time, though to find them in our storage.

Anyway, my daughter was impressed. She looked at herself in the mirror with her "I'm all that and then some" attitude, smiled, and said, "I look like Auntie ******!".

Yup. She did bear an uncanny resemblence right then. But I did not laugh. No. Any, any steps she takes towards being feminine are highly appreciated. We can sort out her fashion sense later on.

That saying - I do like this lady. Really like her, in fact. But,... just the boots! They made me both cringe, giggle, and rejoice all rolled into one.

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Cindy said...

I loved when my girls were that age...throwing odd pieces of clothing together and feeling utterly beautiful.
Now they are sooo picky I can hardly shop for either one.