Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Short Skirt

Ok, not short in length - in time.

Why did I do pleats for my first skirt? Those nasty pleats took about four hours of my time. This evening, I finally mustered my courage again and attacked the next skirt project. Ha! This one took about an hour and a half. The next one, which I will stick with the same pattern will only take about an hour. Half an hour was spent fiddling with the waist band. I detest waistbands.

I figured out what is the problem, though. I am a bit on the short side, if I stretch, I might reach 5'4", but am a little shorter than that if I tell the truth. Then, despite my lack of hieght, I have curves. In fact, fairly nice ones, that if I had the height to match them would look quite nice. As it is... well... imagine a Barbie doll that someone stepped on the head of and squished her down. Yup, that's me. Short and a bit round. (Oh, and put clothes on that Barbie doll in your head - despite the fact that I have rarely seen one in a toy chest wearing anything!)

Patterns, apparantly, are made for tall, straight people. In fact, this skirt pattern has a three inch wide waist band. I doubt if I even have three inches to spare between my hips and my ribs! So why am I trying to get it to fit me???!!!

Nope. No more waist bands. I am taking them out in the next skirt and substituting a half an inch straight band. Easy, simple, and fits. I am too tired tonight to post the photo of the new skirt, but it is cute. I love the colors in it. Also, I need my son to take the photo, so that will come tomorrow.

I know I keep saying I am tired.... today, this was my list:

1. Went to lawyer to draw up will.
2. Went shopping for garden plants.
3. Dug four vegetable beds and planted vegetables.
4. Tied up my climbing roses - oh, they are beautiful!
5. Carried a bed upstairs and assembled it in my coworker's house.
6. Swam for two hours with my kids.
7. Napped for 15 minutes in the sun that decided to shine AFTER we went swimming.
8. Finished the ironing.
9. Cooked a quick supper.
10. Went to a committee meeting to hire a new person.
11. Went grocery shopping on the way home.
12. Made brownies.
13. Sewed a skirt.

That's it. I'm tired.

Four more days to go, and we will be heading out.