Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Hundred and Forty-seven

Yup. I counted them.

That is how many bites I have on my body. Five on one finger. Twelve on one hand. Twenty on one arm. Ok, you get the picture - I'm itching. Everything hurts.

I think bedbugs. Yuck! We stopped to fumigate and wash everything we own. Where we picked them up? I think I know.... but that is best not said.

Pray for me. Trying to be a mom, traveling, speaking, visiting, while not doing an imitation of a dog with fleas is difficult. I'm on benadryl, but that just takes the edge off and makes me dopey on top of it.

...scratch, scratch.....


Becky Aguirre said...

Oh, dear, no fun! :( Micah had something like that a couple of weeks ago, about 50-60 bites all over...hope they heal up fast!

Cindy said...

wow. that's too bad!! We got into a temporary housing thing where the place had fleas.
I got hundreds of bites and all the rest of my family got none!
I can completly understand your discomfort

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry! This sounds awful.