Thursday, July 9, 2009


What with the construction in our back yard, our garden did not get put in at the "proper" time. I had thought about just not doing it, but... in the adsence of plants, weeds would dominate, and I did not want to give them a year of free rent. Then there is the fact that our house sitters might like fresh produce, and if they manage to keep it up, we will be back just in time for all the ripe tomatoes and squash... if...

So, I went ahead and put in plants. Lots and lots of tomatoes and some seasonings. Squash and cabbages. I was trying to think what could grow without direct supervision and might be good when we get back.

I dug four beds today and got them planted. Ugh! Then we went swimming for the afternoon.

I'm still tired. I think it will be a continous state until we get to our first rest conference. Then we have some down time. I can't wait.

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Angela said...

Wow! You've been busy -- sewing, cleaning, planting. I think you've earned a well-deserved break. Hope you enjoy your travels!