Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Things They Say - Odds and Ends

My husband and I have been working at getting more fit.  I've been worried about getting my husband more active for several years as he has family history of too many problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and others.  His job is more sedentary, and getting fit is harder to do without focusing on it.  This year, we included the whole family with activities and exercising together.  It has been fun.

Last week we were doing our weigh ins and discussing how much we are losing and what our goals are.  We're not aiming for the moon, just for a consistent loss and getting in shape.  My husband is losing about one to two pounds a week.  My goal is one pound a week as I do not have as much to lose and am in slightly better shape than him to start with.  So far, I have only lost two pounds in a month, but... oh well.  My main goal is to get in shape and stay active.  Got to keep up with those kids of mine!  My other main goal is to one day be able to run a 5K with my son.... with as in on the same day, not as in at the same pace!  I can now run much farther than I could at the beginning of last month and without so much stress.

Well, we were weighing in and discussing our pound a week plan, and #3 piped up.  Now, #3 is the world's smallest 10 year old.  He is just petite.  (I was like him as a child - not now..)  He actually wears a smaller size than his eight year old sister.  So he was thinking about the goals and said, "Daddy, if I lose a pound a week, after a year, I will just disappear!"

On Sunday, my daughter came in the church meeting we were having doing that urgent wiggle dance that meant she needed to find a toilet.  I was puzzled as she knows where it is and is big.  She came over to me, turned her back to me and said, "Mom, mom, can you unbutton my dress?  I need to pee!"

What?  I said, "Just pull it up - you are in a dress!"  She looked puzzled until I pulled her skirt up a little to show.  Then it dawned on her.  I just thought it was funny that she didn't know.  Obviously, she doesn't wear enough skirts!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! Totally cracking up at your daughter's comment.... surely she has had to use the toilet while wearing a dress before... do you think she has been taking it all the way off every time??

Too funny!

Ellie said...

It made me wonder! Maybe she has been...