Saturday, February 5, 2011

Going on a Date

My husband is going to travel again.  Spring is a time he often goes.  This time he will be gone a little over a month.  I was hoping it would be for less time.  I was hoping we'd have a few weeks after the end of the big meetings before he was going.

But mixing his plans in with other's schedules means that we can't always chose what we want.  I told him that at least I want to go for a date before he leaves.  Tonight we went out.  Last date before he flies again.

I'm not nervous, not really.  Just missing him before he leaves.  It will be a long time.  Trying to think of everything I need to do for him before he leaves.  Trying to make sure the house, bills, and repairs are all done before he goes.  Being busy.

But when we were talking about going on a date, our kids had some advice.  #3 and my daughter were discussing it.

"Mom, you could sit on a date."

"Yeah, we have dates.  You could sit on one and Daddy could sit on another."

Here I was thinking, "Is that what you call a double date?", but they came up with,

"It would be a little mushy, but then you would be on a date!"

We decided to go out for dinner instead.  Less mushy.

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