Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Appointment!

Yay!  My third son needed an appointment with a specialist.  Those are hard to get where we are.  We were given one - in June.  We leave here for our home leave at the end of June, so it would hardly help to have the first visit then.

 I begged and pleaded.  The best they could do was put me on a cancellation list.  Ok.

Today my phone rang.  There is an opening tomorrow!!!  We've got an appointment!!!  Huge sigh of relief.

It was hard to know what to do with this son for the summer.  This year we had planned a long waited for hike with the family.  They are all old enough to do it, but it will be grueling.  #3's heart was showing signs of trouble....  do we go ahead or do we not?  What do we do?  What the doctors were saying was hard to absorb...  he's healthy, but he could be not, too.  We need a few more tests...  He needs a specialist.

Tomorrow, we start the journey to find answers.  Tomorrow, I take my way too talkative, over friendly, happy child in to the doctor.  It is only the beginning, but it IS a beginning!  I'm so thankful.

Pray for wisdom for this doctor.  She is good.  Pray for peace for me.  Pray for answers.  That what can be done about this will be done and what can't, that we will leave in God's hands.  Pray for me as I talk to the doctor with him there that he would not be frightened by the questions that have to be asked and told.

But today, I'm thrilled.  We have an appointment!

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