Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Nope, not talking about that little number that you get every month... :)  (although it IS very important!)

Support is one of those things that makes life possible.  It makes the unthinkable doable.

I know that.  For years, I dreamed about running, even jogging, a mile... ok, there is a dream to do a 5K, too, but let's stick to little steps.  Running, however, proves difficult for, um, people who, um, well, can't run in your average elastic and cloth sports bra without it looking like they are trying to homogenize milk before it is produced.  So I have never gotten much farther than the thought of running.

The last time I was in the US, I went looking to find a sports bra with real support.  I found one.  Ok, it takes some gymnastics to get into it, but it works!  Our family gift to ourselves this year was a membership to a place where our family can workout together.  There is a little track there.  Fifteen laps around this track gets me to a mile.

I'm not there yet.

However, today, I ran two-thirds of the mile.  I run two laps and walk one right now.  When I started, I ran one lap and then walked two.  I'm getting there.

Support helps. :)

Today, my husband flew out.  I was thinking back to his first six week trip six years ago.  I was pretty alone in a new city with four young kids.  At that point, homeschooling.  It meant six weeks of no break.  I was pretty tired by the end of it.  When my husband got home, I just wanted to go out for a long walk alone.

Today, he flew out again.  Six years makes a difference in parenting.  No longer am I facing diapers, carseats, tying shoes, crying babies at night.  Now I can leave them alone with a list of chores and have a reasonable expectation that some of them are done when I get back.  They are all in school.  That helps.

But more than those things, today I have support.  I have a network of friends in church, in school, and some in our team (half are traveling, too, so not too helpful) that are there for me.  I have adults to talk to, friends for my kids to go play a day with, people who will come if the heater shuts off.

Support.  It helps.

Like always, when my husband leaves, things happen.  My oldest slipped and hit his head on concrete and has a concussion.  My daughter is sick again.  I fell and hurt my knees.  This is just the first day...

Pray for them.  I think my biggest struggle will be their memories and fears of a repeat of last year.  They show stress in different ways.  Some cry.  Some fight with others.  Some have tummy aches and headaches.  I need more patience this time.  Patience and creativity to keep them occupied, ordered, and safe.

Prayer support is important, too.


Beth said...

Am definitely praying for you these next few weeks.

Angela said...

Support is definitely important! You've got mine! :)

Karin said...

I will pray for you too.

OliveTree said...

May the Lord surround you with His unfailing support while your husband is gone. My husband travels some, so I understand how things "happen" when they leave.