Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seeing the Doctor

#3 is a charmer.  He just is.  He charms everyone he meets.  Thankfully, he can even charm a lab tech into giving us a copy of lab tests right there.  Now I can send them to my doctor's at home. :)

We had our visit.  I am impressed with the doctor.  The bad news is that #3 has a heart defect.  The good news is that it doesn't seem serious.  They will run more tests.  It is also correctable if it is causing problems.  For that I am thankful.  There is another issue going on with his heart, too, and he has a battery of new tests to determine what that is.

I feel a sense of relief today - at least he is being seen to.  I am also relieved to hear about this heart defect... as strange as that may seem.  You see, for this child's whole life, when doctors listened to his chest, they would get a funny look on their face.  Something was different - a murmur?  maybe not a murmur?  Didn't seem to be an issue.  Maybe he will outgrow it.  At least now we know what it is.  We still don't know why the heart is showing signs of stress, but we will be finding out here soon.

For that I am thankful.  He's such a cute creature.  He took the news with little or no worry.  The doctor and I were careful to use calm voices and stay away from scary words.  She's a good doctor and is good with kids.  He charmed her, too.  :)

Pray now that the new tests reveal the cause of the stress, and that it is able to be fixed soon.

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