Monday, December 14, 2009

There's Froggies on My Gown!

Part of our family traditions involve some sort of gifts for others.  My kids really do not need any more toys.  They prefer playing with rocks and sticks anyway!  So we spend time to make gifts for other people.  Where we live, they have their own version of "gifts for poor children", but the problem is that the "poor" are not poor here.  I got fed up this year when our church was given suggestions for the families we chose to givve gifts to and one suggestions was "games for his X-box"!  He has an X-box, and you're so poor that you are on a charity gift list?!

I am sort of burned out on giving to those who don't have because they chose not to work and then have little to no idea of how to spend the money they are given.  So we look outside the box for who to give for.

Last year, we shopped for second hand dresses for a few ladies in a nursing home whose clothes were falling apart.  I altered them to make them easier to put on, and we gave that with some warm socks.  This year, i noticed that most of the nightgowns that these ladies were wearing were threadbare and ripped.  I found some bright, fun flannel, and last night sewed some hospital style gowns out of flannel.

They are a bit different than your traditional blue backless gown.  There is the blue one with kittens and hearts.  The pink one with cows jumping over the moon, and my favorite, a green with froggies on it.  I can't wait to see what the ladies think of them!  Their minds are too far gone to know it is Christmas, but they still love to look at bright colors and pictures of animals, so I am hoping these cheer them up!

They were so easy to make out of only a yard and a half of material that I think I might make some more and use up some of my fabric stash that just uses up space.

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Angela said...

How sweet! I don't think I'd be scared of those froggies -- they're too cute!